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What we do

BlueMark is the leading provider of independent impact verification and intelligence for the impact and sustainable investing market.

Impact verification and analytics 

Clients choose BlueMark for our deep expertise, actionable insights, and custom benchmarks.

Communicate and enhance your impact performance

Align with expectations
Differentiate from peers
Reduce reputational risk

Align with evolving market expectations

We provide gap analyses and roadmaps based on existing regulatory requirements and industry standards to help our clients identify and prioritize key areas for improvement.

Differentiate from peers and learn from impact industry leaders

We provide data and benchmarks to help our clients understand how they stack up relative to peers and market norms, and learn how to right-size their impact management processes for improved efficiency and better decision-making. BlueMark also publishes an annual Practice Dashboard that shows the current rate of adoption for a range of impact management practices.

Reduce reputational risk and signal credibility

The BlueMark seal and verifier statement allows our clients to credibly communicate their impact approach and results.

How it works

BlueMark’s verification process is simple and efficient.

Step 1

Complete an intake survey covering aspects of your impact strategy, processes, and reporting approach.

Step 2

A team of BlueMark experts will review your survey responses and data room, and meet virtually with your team to discuss and review the information you’ve provided.

Step 3

BlueMark delivers a benchmarking report, roadmap, verifier statement, and seal summarizing our findings and recommendations.

What we offer

BlueMark evaluates and verifies how clients approach the impact in impact investing based on accepted industry standards. We work with allocators, managers, and individual companies to holistically analyze, benchmark, and manage their impact measurement & management systems.

Practice Verification

Evaluate the strengths and gaps in your ESG approach and impact management systems. Learn what you’re doing well and where you can grow with tailored action plans and benchmarks.

Reporting Verification

Assess the completeness and reliability of your impact reporting. Work with BlueMark to strengthen the credibility and usability of your impact performance reports. 

Regulatory Support Services

Determine SFDR readiness and alignment in a cost-effective way. Easily identify gaps in policies and practices and address concerns about compliance and reputational risks. 


Sustainability Linked Loans

Assess the relevance and ambition of proposed KPIs and targets for an SLL. Verify reported performance against KPIs and eligibility for adjusted financial terms during the course of the loan.

Impact Linked Incentives

Evaluate the strengths and gaps in an impact-linked incentive structure and verify approach results. 

Fund ID (Beta)

With BlueMark’s newest offering, get the intelligence you need to optimize your portfolio’s impact. Holistically analyze, benchmark, and manage your entire funds’ impact performance using one unified tool.

Currently accepting beta users. Contact us to learn more.

Market Intelligence

Get trend analysis, customized training, and access to bespoke research to elevate your impact approach and stay up-to-date on market norms. 

Our methodology

BlueMark’s verification methodology is grounded in and aligned with evolving industry standards, market frameworks, and regulatory requirements, including ISAE3000. Our in-depth assessments and proprietary ratings and benchmarks help our clients and their external investors understand areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. We also work closely with clients to help implement actionable recommendations throughout the investment process.

What our clients say

BlueMark’s verification results and ratings have helped us immensely in communicating our differentiated approach to impact measurement to prospective investors. BlueMark’s recognized name and reputation in the market has helped certain LPs quickly understand how we approach ESG and impact and to diligence our strategy quickly.


Our goal for this re-verification was to go beyond compliance and seek feedback, in addition to actionable recommendations, on the design of our new IM System, to ensure its alignment with the latest industry standards. Our decision to engage BlueMark came down to 1) the demonstrated depth of the assessment process, and 2) the ability to leverage feedback, guidance, and recommendations from a verifier that had conducted assessments on the largest number of leading investors in the space.

MicroVest Capital Management

BlueMark helped us do three things: corroborate our immediate development priorities, validate our approach to impact management, and identify areas for improvement to strengthen our approach as we mature as an organization. All three are important for us, especially as a young DFI committed to developing robust impact management practices.

FinDev Canada

Working together with the BlueMark team on the verification project has been an incredible learning opportunity for us. Their impact expertise and market intel helped us to receive a targeted and concrete understanding of the state of our IM approach; where do we do well and where can we do better.


Market need

How verification brings more transparency and accountability to the market


Impact verification directly addresses several market challenges that have become more apparent as the impact and sustainable investing industry continues to grow in scope and scale.


According to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, 80% of consumers want their money to do good, as well as deliver a return. However, as it stands, 7 in 10 investors say they think that many investments that claim to be sustainable actually aren’t.


Impact verification equips a diverse set of market actors with the data and insights necessary to identify instances of impact-washing, reliably assess impact performance, and evaluate the sophistication of different approaches.

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Impact verification contributes to a more transparent and accountable market