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Who we serve

BlueMark works with clients across the financial services spectrum, including asset managers, asset allocators, and issuers. We have experience working with investors across different sizes, strategies, asset classes, and geographies.

Asset managers

BlueMark’s assessments help asset managers stand apart in a crowded market and credibly communicate their impact with current and prospective investors. Managers can access data, benchmarks, and purpose-built action plans to refine their approach to impact management and reporting.

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“We started the verification process with opened eyes and ended it with wiser eyes. We learned how much more we can do in this journey, as striving for excellence in our impact practices is not a sprint but a marathon.”


Asset allocators

BlueMark helps asset allocators efficiently assess and compare the impact strategies and results of different managers, identify the impact leaders in their portfolio, and develop tailored engagement plans. With BlueMark’s benchmarks, dashboards, and market insights, allocators have all the information they need to design and manage their sustainable and impact strategies/portfolios.

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“Expert, useful, pragmatic – I found the impact management and measurement assessment process insightful and additive to our work. The team were great to work with too.”


Borrowers and lenders

BlueMark’s assessments help borrowers and lenders align on key performance indicators (KPIs) and appropriate performance targets for loan instruments that include sustainability or impact incentives, such as sustainability-linked loans (SLLs) or bonds. Our experts ensure terms are credible and conform to relevant industry standards, including ICMA and SLLP.

“Engaging with BlueMark helped us confidently and clearly communicate the strength of our proposed Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL) terms to prospective lenders.”

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Case studies

Learn more about best practices in impact management through these case studies featuring impact investors verified by BlueMark.

Franklin Templeton

Driving impact in real assets

Schroders Asset Management

Investing for impact in public equities

Summa Equity

Linking impact management to quality impact reporting

FullCycle Climate Partners

Managing for climate mitigation impacts